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Team Building

TEAM BUILDING……It’s something of a feared word these days, isn’t it? the mere thought of having to do something you are probably not going to want to do, the time it’s going to take away from the things you do want to do and the fact that you are doing it with people you don’t necessarily regard as your friends….but I think we so often overlook the benefits of it.

We recently went on a team building challenge which is something new we have introduced to our company culture at Steel Tube Services and in this exercise, we learned a few things that I would love to share with you.

A team building challenge has a uniquely personal appeal, one person challenges another to join in on something instead of merely forwarding an email or posting something on social media, it demands participation and the personality of each participant shines through. We all have very different and unique ways of problem solving but the ‘dream team’ factor comes in, not when we shout to get our way heard but when we use each other’s strengths to drive forward the goal of the team as a whole.

We so often try to outdo each other in a work environment instead of inspiring each other to be better. Team building has a way of bringing people together by doing things as simple as actively listening, something that should come naturally but unfortunately doesn’t. Great teams work together cooperatively not competitively.

It stretches our comfort zone on our communication skills and how we use them. Communication that promotes wide ranging thinking and mutual learning creates a deeper pool of creative ideas than a rush to react with a solution. The ability to freely share knowledge is the cornerstone of teams that work well together.

Steel Tube Services is proud to have a pool of very diverse characters that make up our work family, but we are even more proud that we respect, encourage and challenge each other both professionally and personally.

Bring on the team building!!!!!!