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From far and wide, we provide fast and efficiently to your door.

In an ever evolving market, we pride ourselves in offering the best prices and availability of stock, importing allows us to do so on a continuous basis.

This is vital for the larger structural tubing in thicker gauges that is not available locally.

Steel Tube Services - imports

Importing is not specific to certain countries in the world. Steel is widely available all over the world. Pricing and quality is of utmost importance to Steel Tube Services, this leaves us to be extremely particular in where we import material from.

Europe and The Asian region in our opinion, assists us reach our goals of the best quality and pricing which filters down to our clients and allows us to offer the best material and competitive pricing in the market. Good supplier relations contribute greatly from manufacturing time to delivery in South Africa and assist us in being constant and reliable in our supply of Imported Items.

Our nonstandard requests are mainly for the mining industry for various applications and are tailored to incorporate the finest quality as well as according to spec with the added benefit of competitive pricing.

When doing a specific import for a client, we offer an open line of communication from beginning to the end of the project and believe that should any encounters of delayed deliveries due to unforeseen circumstances happen, due to our constant communication, the client is well informed and can plan accordingly. This factor of business practice is important to us, as it is our motto at Steel Tube Services to ensure that we uphold our name as well as our constant customer satisfaction.

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