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5 Jurie Street, Alrode, Alberton

+27 (11) 866 1821

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What are your lead times?

Lead time is dependent on different factors, including how many projects are in waiting to be machined on our in-house draw benches, the availability of steel tube also known as mother tube, and circumstances beyond our control.

What length is the longest steel tube that can be supplied?

This is all dependant on the input material used but generally;

  • 12.144m – Standard sizes
  • 10.4m – Non Standard sizes

Why do we get various lengths in end product on manufactured tubing (steel tube ends up being over 6m in length)

Elongation is a naturally occurring process and is due to machining the standard mother tube to non-standard sizes. The wall size is not compromised in this process, however when the diameter is reduced, the steel pipe will automatically elongate.
(Have a look at our blog for more information on this process)

Steel Tube Services Team


What grade of material does Steel Tube Services supply?

S355 is the grade we bring in, however specific grades are available on request.

Are test certificates available?

Yes, test certificates are available on request.

What is your delivery lead time on imports?

12-16 from date of order, however this lead time is subject to delays beyond our control.