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Lifting the Bar: How Steel Tube Services and Pure Fitness Crossfit Gym Created Gym History

In the dynamic world of fitness, innovation is the name of the game. At Steel Tube Services, we don’t just think outside the box; we push the box aside entirely. Recently, we embarked on a unique journey into the fitness industry, thanks to an unexpected but exciting collaboration with Pure Fitness Crossfit Gym in Edenvale.

It all began when the owner and head coach of Pure Fitness approached us with an unusual request – axle bars for specific workouts. With a sample in hand, they challenged us to create something extraordinary, and as a company known for rising to the occasion, we eagerly accepted.

How Steel Tube Services and Pure Fitness Crossfit Gym Created Gym History

Manufacturing bars for a gym involves a delicate balance of meeting weight specifications while ensuring the design fits the trainer’s needs. Choosing between two different-sized bars became a puzzle that required creative thinking. The next hurdle was finding a steel plate that could snugly fit the diameter of the axle bar, securing weights during workouts. Given the non-standard size, our team had to think outside the conventional manufacturing box to find a solution.

Lifting the Bar - How Steel Tube Services and Pure Fitness Crossfit Gym Created Gym History - 3

Once all the pieces were in place, our dedicated manufacturing staff got to work assembling the bars. The result was nothing short of phenomenal. In collaboration with Pure Fitness, we successfully crafted axle bars that not only met their requirements but also set them apart as the first gym to offer members these bars for training – not just in competition settings.

This innovative approach gives Pure Fitness a competitive edge, allowing members to experience the benefits of axle bars in their day-to-day workouts. We take pride in being part of this fitness revolution, supporting our clients in reaching new heights of success. Pure Fitness, thank you for making us an integral part of your journey. Together, we’ve lifted the bar – both figuratively and literally – to create gym history. Here’s to pushing boundaries and redefining what’s possible in the world of fitness!