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Custom Metal Manufacturing

Steel is a versatile, affordable and abundant material, making it the perfect substance to use in a countless range of manufacturing capacities. Tubing manufacturers, like ourselves, and other fabrication companies rely on the value of steel to produce their products.

Around the world, businesses source steel and metal alloys to build their products and bring their projects and designs to life. Custom forming and manufacturing is a critical professional service in the global economy because its what allows businesses to invent new and useful goods and take risks on innovative designs that facilitate change in the world as we know it and as a result help shape and improve our daily lives.

Metal manufacturing, shaping and custom forming brings together a range of experts, from designers, engineers to welders, metalworkers and installers. Every expert has a role to play in ensuring that the steel gets turned into well-designed, high-quality components and end products that go on to serve an important role in our global marketplace.

Metal fabrication and manufacturing has applications in a wide variety of industries, and this is continuously growing and evolving. Because of the versatility of steel its used to create parts for industries as varied as agriculture, spas, construction and cars.
Some industry applications for metal manufacturing and fabrication include but are not limited to:

  • Agricultural equipment
  • Alternative energy components for solar, wind and geothermal structures
  • Construction projects and designs
  • Food processing and packaging equipment
  • Consumer product creation

Steel manufacturing is a critical industry that has a significant impact on our global economy. Since the mid 1800’s, steel has become one of the most relied upon materials globally. According to the world steel association, global steel production supports or facilitates $2.9 trillion of the world’s economic activity.

Consumers require reliable, professional and knowledgeable metal contract manufacturing partners to help them produce metal and steel finished products efficiently and at the highest standards possible. If you are looking for a precision steel manufacturing company to meet your unique business needs, choose Steel Tube Services.

For over 30 years Steel Tube Services has been helping businesses efficiently meet project deadlines and industry specific requirements through our cutting-edge production and manufacturing processes. Our manufacturing services range from engineering support to machining and steel welding processes. Our flexible service offerings can be tailored to meet whatever volume of production your business or project needs. From single source capabilities to high volume orders, Steel Tube Services can deliver high quality, precision manufactured steel products for your industry.