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Challenges Rarely Come When We Are Prepared Or Expecting It

Challenges rarely come when we are prepared or expecting it. This is something we were reminded of recently. The rains came, and stayed for longer than anyone expected them to. The storm soon turned into what has since been classified as South Africa’s unprecedented floods. Weather experts said that apocalyptic amounts of rain were dumped on the region over several days.

In April 2022, Kwa-Zulu Natal had to be declared a state of disaster and as a result of that, relief funds needed to be unlocked by the president. The frustration and anxiety of those affected was overwhelming and felt by everyone across the country. As a proudly South African company, watching the trauma unfold from afar, we felt immense frustration and helplessness. With clients residing in the province, staff members’ families affected and our regular activities throughout Durban port and the surrounding roads, we knew we had to get involved to offer some support.

We reached out to one of the most established and trusted Non-profit organisations in the country, Gift of the Givers, to see where and how we may be able to offer help and show our support for the flood relief efforts. They advised us that fresh water was in very high demand but unfortunately very short supply. We immediately took action and contacted our local water distributor to put in an order.


150 litres of water was sent as a relief offer to the people of KZN who were in such desperate need. Gift of the Givers used their knowledge and infrastructure to distribute the water in KZN where it was most needed. We understand that this type of unexpected disaster has long-lasting effects on the people and businesses who were affected, and that this token might seem insignificant in comparison with the magnitude of the event, but if we all do our bit to contribute toward the greater cause, miracles can happen.

If our South African history is anything to go by, we have no doubt that our fellow citizens will pull together to repair the damage with great resilience and patriotism. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the companies and individuals who have suffered through this time.

Thank you to Gift of The Givers for providing guidance and the platform to allow us to offer support.