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Galvanised Tubing

Industry: Mining

Date: September 2022


Steel Tube Services recently had a request for Spiral Welded Galvanised Pipe from a client whose intention was to send it across border to its destination, a mine in the Congo. The mining industry uses this tubing as a method of filtration, a way to separate the liquids from the mined material.

Other applications of this unique tubing are in water treatments, municipal water supply, refining and petrochemical. All of the above apart from the construction industry where steel is most commonly used.

The advantages of using this type of steel tubing in comparison to others is its high strength and low costing. It is custom made in order to meet the requirements of the project its being procured for more easily.


The outside diameter can range from 4 inches to 80 depending on the project brief. The challenge in this particular project was the fact that this uncommon steel tubing is unavailable in the South African market and therefore, it needed to be imported. Our imports division kicked into high gear, as only we can at Steel Tube Services!

We sourced the material from China, making Steel Tube Services the only company importing this unique steel tubing. As always, we were hugely fulfilled being able to assist our customer on meeting their project’s unique needs.