Corrugated steel roofing sheets have been around for many years and are still popular today, due to its very easy installation process and excellent protective qualities, giving a more traditional look, in fact corrugated steel roofing is the only cladding that should be used in conservation areas.
Our metal roofing sheets can be cut to length as required from 0.5m up to 12m, making it suitable for any domestic, industrial or agricultural application. At Steel Tube Services, we manufacture and supply full prime steel corrugated roof sheets. Steel sheeting is also known as sinusoidal, corrugated iron or wriggly tin.
Steel Tube Services metal roofing sheets endures with longevity as the highest quality metal in the industry. Providing stability with the ease of installation, our metal sheets is popular for structures with numerous uses and functions.
We only use the best quality of steel, so you can be assured of quality products but at extremely competitive prices.